Why Did No One Tell Senior Drivers About This?

Do not pay your next car insurance bill until you read this...

Thousands of drivers are currently realising that they are severely overpaying for their car insurance. One company is fighting to make it stop.

An interesting piece of information is finally out and you need to know it! Bottom line is that a few simple steps can help you to save hundreds of dollars, since the second page is for USA and I will submit in usa Results show that specific Post Codes may save even more when matched with the right insurer.

Out of the hundreds of insurers reviewed, there are about a dozen that have been found to give extremely high discounts for low mileage drivers.

Savings Example:

Many insurance companies will offer a great price reduction if you have not received a ticket in the last 3 years. Avoiding an accident in the last 3 years is also a big contributor to gaining the faith of the insurers and thus reducing the cost of insurance even more.

The biggest drop in rates occurs when you pass the age of 25. The next common discounts occur when you reach the age of 40 and 55, after that you can qualify for additional “retirement” or “experienced driver” discounts.

So why are you not aware of all this valuable information? Because according to the CFA: “premiums are set based on the maximum amount a consumer is willing to pay”. This means that insurance companies will always increase the prices just enough, counting on the fact that you wouldn't leave them, but still pay much more than you need. The solution - compare between multiple insurance providers to find the one that has the best discounts for your specific circumstances. This may help you save up to 47% on your current rates.

It is important to remember that rates and policies change all the time so it is wise to recheck every other month to make sure your discounts are up to date. This easy habit could be worth thousands in the long run.

Here's How You Do It:

Step 1: Tap your age below to match additional discounts.

Step 2: Enter your Post Code and some basic information to qualify for additional savings.